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Date - March 3, 2007
Source - GameSetWatch
Author - Simon Carless
Bow Down To The C64 Messiah

A note from GSW columnist James Dudley, who has a keen eye for what we would describe as 'wacky stuff', reads: "You might be interested in this, if you haven't picked up on him already - there's this dude called "c64 Messiah" and he's crossed everything I like about rap with everything I like about vintage computer sounds."

You know what, we do like that stuff! He continues: "I'm playing "Ballcore (Dirty South Remix)" on repeat and I thoroughly recommend it. Check the videos for true Commodore 64 flavor. C64 Messiah is my new hero, and I was always an Amstrad kid so I can think of no higher praise." And I was a Spectrum kiddie, and I still like this, so somebody must be doing something right round here.

He concludes: "I want this guy to have a five billion dollar fold out mansion by the end of the year."


Date - October 24, 2007
Source - gamelab.com
Author - Unknown
Top 5 Songs that sample video games

C-64 Messiah - Ballblazer (Dirty South) (2007)

The Commodore 64 home computer is renowned among musicians for its SID sound chip, a versatile and weird device that produces all sorts of strange frequencies. There's even a dedicated synthesizer called the SIDstation that replicates the chip with a piano keyboard. C-64 Messiah uses samples from various Commodore games spliced with the krunkest rapping to make a high-energy track that bridges the gap between eras.